Megawords is by design used in the beginning of the fourth grade or later. Megawords is a syllabic approach to spelling and reading by decoding the word.

Vocalization is a key component. The books need to be completed using the child’s voice. That is to say the syllable or word aloud as the child is working on a lesson.

Although it is difficult to understand how to implement, I have found that after reading the teacher’s manual several times that I did eventually “get it”. Take your time and take notes on how you will proceed with each lesson.

Notice that spelling rules and pronunciation guidelines are included. This is spelling by sound. I like the approach of concentrating on each syllable’s sound and finding the appropriate or near appropriate rule to determine the spelling of the sound. I have found that it has improved pronunciation as well. You could use this as your only spelling program. However, I do use a structured spelling program too.

These are the focal points for the program:

Book 1

compound words
vc/cv and silent-e

Book 2

suffix and plurals
vowel suffix
vowel patterns and vowel suffixes
common prefixes
additional common prefixes

Book 3

-al, -ic
-it, -ite, -et, -ate
-ant, – ance, -ent, -ence
-ive, -ice, -ace, -ine, -ain

Book 4

-er, -por, -ar, -ard, -ward
-sion, -cian
-ous, -age
-ture, -tu, -sure
-able, -ible, -le

Book 5

Vowel combinations with o
Vowel combinations with a
Vowel combinations with e
Vowels sounds of y
Vowel combination patterns

Book 6

Sounds of ch, ph, and qu
Soft c
Soft g
Vowel-r-vowel combinations
Accent patterns
Special accent patterns

Book 7

Unaccented i
Unaccented i and u
Unaccented i
ti and ci endings
Advanced v/v combinations
Summary of accent patterns
Special accent patterns

Book 8

ob- and dis-
ex- and syn-


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