Drawing with Children

I sat down with the intent that I wanted to teach my child how to draw.  I knew that I would need to participate and do these activities as well.  With this in mind, I chose to use Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks as a spine.

I have heard so many times before that this book is hard to use.  I found that I needed to extend the activities and content.  In order for me to do this, I needed additional resources.  I wanted low-cost solutions as well.

There are some scheduled activities that illustrate when to add to a nature journal.  Most of what we do with our nature journal is illustrate through sketches and photography.  As well, I use an additional resource, My Nature Journal, for prompts and activities outside of illustration.

We use a craft box to keep all of our items.  You could use a toolbox or backpack too.  We have several small sketchbooks, a large sketchbook, pens, pencils, markers, rulers, scissors, et cetera.  To this we have added a magnifying glass, tape measure, bug catching supplies, and other tidbits for exploration.

We keep a portfolio.  I have continued this idea although with some minor alteration.  I use page protectors to hold artwork for display.

Planned for the third through the fifth grades.

Download the 50 weeks of lessons

Download the Duplication Warm-Ups w/blank set

Refer to the Great Artist Study.

View our Drawing 2011 Summer Update.

Drawing with Children
by Mona Brookes

Drawing is Basic, Drawing and Writing to Learn (Click Here)
(Grade 3, ISBN 0-7690-2499-8)
by Jean Morman Unsworth (sketchbook optional)
Dale Seymour Publications

Any grade level can be inserted and used,  but this is beginning instruction for us. I chose a good range of resources.

Usborne Guide to Drawing
by Patience Foster, Edited by Lynn Myring (optional)


Art with a Purpose (Artpac 3 and 4)

Dan’s Doodles from Sather Homeschool
Available at Currclick.
This is optional, not always scheduled, and substituted for any warm-up exercise or additional practice.


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  2. Thanks for sharing all these links and resources here!

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