Timeline Portfolio Filing System

The filing system for lesson plans and student work was the spark of creation for this method of creating a timeline.  There are quite a few benefits to this method.

Why Use the Timeline Portfolio?

  1. portable
  2. sizable
  3. you can view by continent
  4. you can compare decades/centuries/millineums
  5. room for summaries, biographies, maps, or mini-timelines for specific events
  6. all is contained


The portfolio contains each file folder with continent cards.

A file folder contains the continent cards for each yearly segment. Every 10 years for our modern history study.

A card is created for each continent. These cards are dated for every decade.

Each card contains the text and graphic entries for that decade.


  • one office portfolio
  • 6 different colors of cardstock (I only print for Antartica when in use, and I use white cardstock.)
  • templates for the dates, or create your own graphic for the line

Download Continent Templates Zipped Folder

  • a large box of manilla folders
  • folder labels to use in the printer (download the label template from the manufacturer’s web site)
  • a document processing application
  • a printer
  • historical figures, pens and pencils, and other items to create the timeline entries


  1. Create a title for your portfolio.  Use vinyl letters, cutouts, stickers, et cetera.
  2. Print labels for each decade or century.  Centuries are used for ancient and medieval timelines more typically.  More modern history necessitates the use of decades as demonstrated by our own modern timeline.
  3. Fix each label to a manilla folder.
  4. Gather each color of cardstock and decide what color will be what country.
  5. Open the template for the first continent.  Enter in your beginning date range.  Click inside the textbox on the right and change the dates.  For example, Asia is “1850-1859”.  For the next print, you will change the date to “1860-1869”.  For ancient history, you would want the date to begin at 4000 BC and end at 4100 BC.  Continue in this manner until all continents are complete.
  6. Add each continent to the date of the manilla folder.  You will have six pieces of cardstock representing each continent within each folder.


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