Week of 8/21/2011

Our week in review …

Interestingly enough, we are already behind.

We made the switch to Math Mammoth for our math resource this year, first semester.  I needed to go back to the fourth grade for division.  I am really surprised that Saxon failed to develop the concepts.  The process of finding a solution does not compare with the understanding or mastery of the concept, or technique, in question.  I see more evidence of this as we continued this week.  Until we finish our Math Mammoth text, Saxon will need to sit on the shelf.

I like/liked Saxon, but it does have its own set of weaknesses when you factor in the learning style or development of your child.  The incremental approach is great, but it would appear that the combined use or understanding does not develop well here for us at this time.  This may be a reason that they have chosen to revise the texts, but at least we realize that this is not a failure of the text.  It is a failure of the learning style being used.  Math Mammoth has managed to pick up and reinforce or create an understanding where Saxon has failed my daughter.  Do not be afraid of the switch.  I am very impressed with the comprehensiveness of Math Mammoth.  I have the entire offerings from Math Mammoth.  I am very pleased with the cost and value of the resources provided.

Biology for the Logic Stage has already developed its first rabbit trail.  Again, we ended up rescheduling later weeks to accommodate this new trail.  With the combined interest of learning for the first time about the Big Bang and its own contradiction to creation, we ran to investigate the first organisms of creation as proposed by the scientific community. This began with a simple “class” discussion over the multitude of cells that make a living thing that ran through the beginnings of our pre-history unit.  Amazing how the two subjects are crossing over at this point.  This was not something that I had anticipated.

Our literature this week is The Boy Who Painted Caves.

We needed to cut this last week very short.  My dear sister needed to be evacuated because of hurricane Irene.  Do you not hate it when guests invite themselves over?  This was a long round trip that began Thursday afternoon and lasted through to Friday morning.  I believe that I slept for almost 15 hours on our return to home!

Of course, being a homeschooling family, we made this a learning experience that investigated evacuating populations during disasters, responses to disaster, and finally the workings and destruction of a hurricane.  We will be charting hurricane Irene too.  Thank you to the AccuWeather.com web site for providing this information and tool.

I hope that everyone had a great week!  Be safe, and be careful.  We will continue to pray for those on the east coast that are affected by the hurricane.



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4 responses to “Week of 8/21/2011

  1. Looks like a great week over all–even if you feel behind. Learning is still occurring. Hope all are safe in your family.

    • Thank you! Everyone is great.

      Learning is still happening. I have to remember this all the time. It may not be what I scheduled, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the time. 🙂

  2. Thanks for explaining your thoughts on Saxon. I’m considering it for higher math but you’ve definitely given me pause.

    • I have had great success with Jacob’s and BJU for higher math. With my first student, we ran into problems with Saxon at Algebra I. With my second student, we had problems as quickly as the end of 5/4. I love the book. To me it is the most logical approach, but perhaps I did not raise my children to think this way. Yet, I would think MM would be more confusing and have the least amount of mastery, and indeed, it does not. I have no clue! LOL On the surface, I really think that my math-centered second student found it too “bookie”, and she rebelled. We never were able to master, which should have been easy with the incremental approach.

      I will cry now. I need to grieve Saxon.

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