Drawing 2011 Summer Update

If you have not looked at our plan please do so here.  This will help you to understand the examples below.  These examples are from using Drawing with Children as our spine, in addition to supplemental resources, in the fourth grade.



Line Drawing

Artpac Lesson

Mona Lisa
Start Exploring Masterpieces – A Fact-Filled Coloring Book

Positive and Negative Space

Basic Elements of Shape

These are original masterpieces created by the “little archeologist”.  She chose names to describe the feeling of the drawings.

Title: Science

Title:  The Germ

We have been working on shape and lines, specifically using the five basic elements of shape, and what fills the space between the lines.  We have done a great deal of drawing and coloring to identify shape and fill space.

 We will continue working on photographing shapes in nature.  One of our nature hunts included finding the five basic elements of shape and photographing the examples.  These are in our nature journal.

What is next for us?  We will be working with photographs and still life!  We are also excited to work with our new drawing history resources to provide illustrations in our history binders.

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