Vintage Resources


First-Lessons in Arithmetic, Jones Bros. (1878)  Don Potter .net

Also available at Don Potter .net:

  • Hall’s Arithmetic Primer (1901)
  • Arithmetic Reader
  • Adam’s New Arithmetic (1848)
  • Adam’s New Arithmetic Teacher
  • Practical Arithmetic (1847)
  • The Stone-Millis Arithmetics: Primary (1914)
  • Mental Arithmetic (1851)
  • Mential Arithmetic (1896)
  • The First Steps in Numbers (1892)
  • Elementary Arithmetic (1901)
  • Wentworth’s Primary Arithmetic (1890)
  • The Alexander-Dewey Arithmetic: Elementary (1921)

Ray’s Mathematical Works (Mott Media)

Language Arts

Essentials of English, First Book (1914)

William Henry Maxwell


Sheldon’s Primary Language Lessons

Grammar-Land (Grammar in Fun for the Children of Schoolroom-Shire), M.L. Nesbitt (1878)

The Child’s Own English Book, Alice Eliza Ball (1920)

Spelling and Vocabulary

Wheeler’s Elementary Speller (1901)

Derivation of Words (with Exercises on Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems), Mary F. Hyde


Literature of the World, Jesse M. Owen (

Social Studies

History Reader for Elementary Schools (1918)

Music & Art

Primer of Industry

Perhaps this is one of the best finds for patterns.  These are not simple patterns involving sticks and tiles either.  Progressing even further, instructions for Tangrams as well as patterns are provided.  I was truly amazed at the level of stimulation and invention. Other items used are seeds, shells, grass. and string.

Picture Study in Elementary Schools, Book 1 (190)

Picture Study in Elementary Schools, A Manual for Teachers

Art and Ritual, Jane Ellen Harrison

The American Drawing Book

Anson Cross

Nature Study

Handbook of Nature Study, Dietrich Lange (1898)

Handbook of Nature-Study for Teachers and Parents, Anna Botsford Comstock (1911)

Nature Study in Elementary Schools:  A Manual for Teachers (arranged according to months!) (1900)

Nature Study in Elmentary Schools: First Reader

Nature Study in Elementary Schools: Second Reader

Nature Stories for Young Readers, Florence Bass (1896), accompanyment to the 1st and 2nd readers

Birds Through the Year, Albert Field Gilmore (1910)

These are best printed two pages to one page and on draft print.

I will keep updating this page as I continue to find more!


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