Week of 9/4/2011

Our Week in Review …

School is never done!  We seem to be running off on trails of investigation this week.  At one point, I had to refuse to look at another website, purchase another book, or take a trip to the library.  I have to work, and it would seem that when I go to work the “trailing” begins.

This is where my Charlotte-Mason style takes over.  I just let them both travel the direction that they choose.  I believe that I have finally given up trying to steer them a straight course.  At least an hour was spent to determine what millet was and its use.  By the way, millet is a grass that is a very nutritious grain for which it has been decided will be planted in a plot in the backyard.

We are quite exhausted by the end of the day.  (See the little pup above.) Both the “domestic terrorist” and the “little archeologist” have plans for projects this Saturday.  It would seem that they are making a volcano.  I know that I planned Biology for science, and still, they decided to toss astronomy and geology into the mix.

History:  We are preparing our pre-history timeline.  Our first memory cards are complete.  The first five lessons and activities are complete!  I love the creation booklet.  Teaching my child to draw has been the best thing.  I love to have her illustrate.  One of the activities was to create a creature that was not of this Earth and provide it with a name.

Finally, the history notebook is completely set, and all of the subsequent copying for the first semester.  Go mom!

Meet a Ralphazoid

We have completed two Ancient Science projects, and completed lots of copy-work and reading.  I purchased this book, which was part of a Winter’s Promise package, and I am glad that I did.  It is a very hands-on approach to many of the ideas of how people lived long ago.  As we wrap up our projects and finish our investigations, I will have more images.

Science:  We are finding it difficult to complete science in two days.  We have just finished the reading for Unit 2 in Biology.

We are doing an extra study on Astronomy too.  I had hoped to complete this over the summer, but nothing other than laziness and exhaustion from the fourth grade cramming sessions to catch up prevented us from doing this.  I had planned out the study using RSO’s activities, Night Sky Guide, Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy, and various internet and library resources.  We are completing the phases of the moon record over the next few weeks.  Our star-finding excursions are logged in our nature journal with sketches and notes.  I will have narrations or facts added to the nature journal concerning various discoveries and readings.

Our Great Scientist Study:  Thales

These photographs were taken by the “little archeologist”:

Our nature walks this week led us to this lizard who is loosing his skin …

And water droplets from the rains …

Math: Division continues.  Math facts are still a part of the day, but I see lots of improvement.  I will be adding the multiplication tables to our memory organizer this week.

Language Arts:  The second lesson of Writing Strands is complete.  I choose a children’s picture book for this lesson.  Characters, action, plot, etc.  were the focal points.  The final draft for an original story should be completed over the next few days.

There were problems with spelling.  Learning that a VC will double the consonant before adding -ed proved to be inhibited by our unique country southern drawl.  I see that pronunciation will need to be emphasized.  Yes, I will become one of those mothers that corrects what is spoken throughout the day.  I very much disliked this growing up, but I see the benefits.  I believe that more oral reading will help to solve this issue too.  I need to set aside specific time for studying spelling words for testing.  This week’s test had eight out of ten words correct.

The “WOW” box is growing!  I am so pleased to see more descriptive and pointed choices of words in writing.  Writing matures with vocabulary.  Sentence structure is only one way of improving skill.  Vocabulary is a major contributor in seeing growth of both knowledge and skill.

Half of unit one in R&S’s grammar book is complete.  Worksheet two and three are complete.  I will be adding helping verbs to our memory work as well.

Art & Music:  This week was a matter of determining the drawing level for art.  Vocabulary was completed.  Music covered topics including pitch and tone as well as defining music itself.  Exercises one and two were completed.  Task cards for notes were created.

Our Great Artist Study:  Vernon Grant

A little more …

The memory organizer will begin our day next week.  This seems to be forgotten by the end of the day.  This is a point of change.

I have been investigating vintage resources too.  You can see them here.  I am anxious to add activity boxes for the Primer of Industry.



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2 responses to “Week of 9/4/2011

  1. What a great week. You mentioned phases of the moon. Have you made Oreo moon phases yet? No child should miss out on that. LOL.


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