Ancient History Copywork

While narration teaches facts to ideas and the ability to communicate, copywork teaches spelling and vocabulary.  Prose and beautiful words are impressed upon the mind.  These resources were choosen for the style, rich vocabulary, and historical value.  The content includes cultural, economic, and government explanations, letters, and documentation.

The Akkadean Precepts (2200BC) Startwrite

Hymn of the Nile (2100BC) Startwrite

Babylonian Proverbs (1600BC) Startwrite

The Code of Hammurabi (282 Codes of Law) (1750BC) Startwrite

The Code of the Nesilim (Hittites, 1650BC) Startwrite

Ugarit and the Bible , Letter (Syrian, 1200BC) Startwrite

The Odyssey by Homer (825BC) Startwrite

Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III (823BC) Copy one or more of the faces.

The Roman Way of Declaring War (650BC)

Dedication Inscription on the Ishtar Gate (Babylon, 600BC)

Analects of Confucious (500BC)

The Twelve Tables of Roman Law (451BC)

Hellenes & Phoenicians by Herodotus (430BC)

Funeral Oration of Pericles (431BC)  …

The Carthaginian Law of Sacrifices (400BC)

The Hippocratic Oath (400BC) Startwrite

Cyropaedia by Xenophon (400BC)

The Republic by Plato (375BC) Scroll down to the quotes on The Republic.

The Edict of Milan (313) Startwrite

Cicero: Selected Letters (60BC) Covers Rome topics of various natures.

The Manner of Roman Charity

The Gladiatorial Games (Seneca Letters, 4BC-65AD)

Pliny Letters, Eruption of Vesuvius (4-79AD)

The Deeds of the Divine Augustus (14AD)


Ancient History Lesson Plans
Greek Mythology Scavenger Hunt (Task Cards and Key)


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