Week of 9/11/2011

Our Week in Review …

Memorization is still a slow and steady process.  I do, very highly, recommend that you begin some form of memory work prior to my own late starting date (fourth grade).  You may gasp at this point, but besides actual study purposes or math-related lessons, we did not make it a point to actually implement any consistent memory work.  My “little archeologist” is now learning how to memorize beyond the short-term memory work required to pass an objective test.

Our current work:

  • Five Kingdoms
  • Characteristics of Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Insects
  • Seven Days of Creation
  • Eight Parts of Speech (definitions)
  • The Divisions of Life
  • Continents and Oceans (review and geographical location)
  • Cat Kisses
  • The Falling Star

Oh yes, we are still diagramming our way through grammar!  There has been some trouble finding the entire predicate.  We are working on that.  I will need to add the helping verbs to our memory organizer.  These verbs were memorized last year through continuous review and use.  I believe that there is benefit to a once-a-week purposeful look at them again.

Spelling this week worked on the common spellings for the sound of long “a” and long “e”.  I love that spelling only takes three days a week!  The short and purposeful lessons and working with the spelling, phonetics, and meanings of the words are why I believe that the “little archeologist” is seeing fruit for the work.

For our ancient studies:

  • Noah and the Flood
  • Descendants of Noah
  • The Ice Age

Of course, science was shelved this week except for our great scientist (Thales), and an ancient science experiment for history.

As was pointed out, during the Ice Age, there were children.  Children were forced to lie down on the ice when they went to sleep.  The only warmth came from mammoth fur blankets.

View More Ice Age at our House


Art warm-ups and general sketching happened, but we did not continue with a formal lesson.  More or less, work was completed using the elements of shape.

We read chapter one in music.  I introduced the recorders, a soprano and an alto.  I showed how the pieces separated and how to clean after use.   We made flashcards (task cards) for the types of notes, including but not limited to quarter, whole, etc.


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