Week of 9/18/2011

Our Week in Review …

The swim team’s Fall Classic was held a few hours away from our home this weekend.  This made the day a “car trip.”  If we were a normal family, the event itself would have been super.  However, we noticed a slope in the ground that showed heavy signs of erosion.  This slope was a rock picker’s heaven.  We scavenged samples of quartz and slate with mica.

I found this quite amusing on the return ride home.  It actually occurred to me that we had multi-tasked and created a learning moment from a swim meet. 

Let me just terminate this trail of thought with the conclusion that homeschoolers are more than home educators.  We find and learn from all moments in life.  This is absolutely the biggest reason that I chose to homeschool.  I want life to be full of discovery and learning.

Life was a little boring with the considerable amount of time that went into swim practice this week.  We stuck to the basics, and moved along nicely  – if you permit me to judge our progress as such.

History, Ancient Studies:  We continued our studies this week with DInosaurs, early river civilization, ancient Africa, ancient Egypt (before the unity), and the Fertile Crescent.  We looked at various stories of the flood and studied Noah.  With regard to the early Egyptians, we looked at the geology of the Nile River, the gods, first writings compared to hieroglyphs, and the first recorded history.  Overall, the focus was on the beginning of civilization as a whole.

Language Arts:  Statements, as well as diagramming statements, were the focus of lessons 16, 17, and 18 in our English text.  The phonetic concentration of spelling this week was the common spellings of the long vowel sound for “i”. Wordly Wise lesson 13 is complete.

Gilgamesh the Hero, Introduction from our BF Study Guide was completed.  We discussed the myths and tales that are often closely related in some fashion or sense to Biblical stories and tales.  Unit One of Best Nonfiction was titled “Where is Cyberspace?”  The lessons focused on how to best read nonfiction.  The discussion revolved around purpose and audience, content and organization, and response and evaluation.  We included an investigation into the various forms of nonfiction writings, including newspapers, magazines, historical references and accounts, biographies, etc.  This conversation was very appropriate in light of our ancient studies.

Writing was working with the narrative voice and what it tells the reader.  This was a creative writing assignment. 

Math:  Division has proven to be more of a task.  Although it is going well as laid out in the text, I believe mastery is not something that will be available at this time.  Studies included average, part problems, divisibility, divisibility rules, two-digit divisor, and word problems.

Science:  Biological studies were abandoned this week.  As it was hoped that astronomy would prove to be best completed during the warmer months, we surely underestimated the cloud coverage at night.  Astronomy will be the “breather” subject of study for some time over the winter and spring months, or at least until visibility is poor.  This week the focus was on reading from the Apologia Astronomy text, the phases of the moon,  locating North and using the compass, finding the main constellations (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor), and using a star, or constellation, chart.  I admit to having to search the internet for how to use the chart.  My memory did not serve me well this time!

LogicRelationships – pages 1-5 of Logic Countdown


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